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From your backyard pool to a large basement or car park, we do everything for you utilising accuracy machinery and top-most trained operators-or you can hire the equipment and do it yourself. Residential or commercial, no job is too small or too big and Excavation Melbourne are our speciality. We are professional Excavation Contractors in Melbourne and provide services to residential, industrial and commercial developers and property owners in Melbourne, Australia.  Our many years’ experience and expertise assures that we successfully carry out our projects within the agreed upon time frame.

Excavating is quite a technical process, and needs a topmost level of skill and experience. Any type of earthworks can be dangerous and it also needs close expert supervision. Our site supervisor oversees the day-to-day tasks and stays on task to assure the work progresses as per the works schedule. Constant evaluation is essential to assure that the ongoing removal process maintains the topmost level of safety and compliance.

Excavation Melbourne

Demolition Melbourne work closely with you at all times, as your peace of mind is essential to us. Talk with one of our professionals and ask us what we can do for you.

We focus to maintain a top-most level of consistent safe work operations so as not to raise any safety concerns such as destabilizing the adjacent land or risking the structural integrity of close buildings.

We provide our clients a quick, free no obligation quote and expert advice from industry professionals and customer friendly service. Regardless if your job is commercial, industrial or residential please call us to discuss your upcoming project. We will offer our finest advice and a reasonable quote.

There’s a correct approach to excavate and a wrong way. With Demolition Melbourne, we generally excavate the correct way. That implies proper licensing proper planning, proper tools,proper insurance,and efficient execution.In addition, we generally ensure that the city checks for gas lines, water funnelling, phone lines and electrical cables before we make a dig. We perform all sorts of projects, including the following:

All Excavation Projects

  • Septic System Excavation

  • Pool Excavation

  • Foundation Excavation

  • Excavation for irrigation

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Excavation Melbourne